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about me...


I pick up a camera every day. I love capturing the little moments that collectively make up a life (especially with a tribe of kids in the frame). And the more ordinary the moment, the better!

I've worked professionally for over 16 years, capturing weddings, school groups, kids and families, corporate events as well as formal studio portraits. I have post graduate qualifications in Marketing and Communications and have proudly worked within the non-profit sector for many years.


My time as a photographer has fostered an absolute love of light; the way it falls, the way it bends to create shapes, shadows and starbursts. The way it battles with darkness. Photography has also taught me to look up! Tilt your head upwards sometime - it gives you a whole new perspective.

I am based in Bathurst in Central West NSW and have the joy of travelling far and wide for work.

"Have a pot of tea. Mend your broken cup. There's a different point of view, awaiting you, if you would just look up..."

 Lovely London Sky - Mary Poppins Returns

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