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no time to organise your photos?

If making a photo book of your year, your kids, your holiday, your pet, your anniversary -  is something that never gets done - I hear you! I could make a thousand photo books if I had the time!  Photo books are such a great way to capture and share the bits of our lives we love the best. And the bits we want to remember.

why photo books are so brilliant...

Photos and stories are kept together
and in order

It's ok if they get damaged or worn from use.

more copies easily printed

original photos are duplicated and safe 

They honour the people and  memories you love the best

the process...
Once you provide your images, I'll use my photographic skills to edit, tweak and enhance them. And then lay them out for you in book format.  You choose the size of the book and how many copies you want. More can be easily ordered later.
Prices for photo editing and book creation start at $399. It's difficult to give a set price due to the length of your book, how many copies you want and the number of photos included. But please contact me to get an accurate price for the book you're after.

" I love working with people, and their photos, often helping them to rediscover stories, and details, that are sometimes unknown by other family members "

memorial books
When a loved one passes away, precious images are gathered to showcase their happiest moments. You select the best. You write an eulogy.  Then you squeeze the essence of a lifetime into a photo slideshow and a speech. And it’s really beautiful. 
Let me transform those photos, your words, and anything else you'd like to add, into a beautiful photo book. You can then print 1 copy or 20 - and easily share those moments of a lifetime with family and close friends. As well as formally documenting your family history for you and future generations.

"Dad’s memorial book is on display at home and I love it when people pick it up, flick through and

smile as they ask about his life. This helps to keep Dad as part of my day to day conversations.

And it beautifully documents our family history”

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