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How safe ARe your old family photos ?

I don't need to tell you how precious old family images are. They are a glimpse into a time gone by and of those who have come before us.  And often, we only have ONE copy of them!  It might be framed on your wall or it might be hidden in a shoe-box under the bed! But I encourage you to get it out and get it duplicated to keep it safe.  

If you've got an old photo that's a bit time ravaged, that needs a bit of love and a bit of sprucing up - I can help.

Hayley's grandma unPS.jpg

Repair work costs start at $50. I work quickly and efficiently but the final cost will depend on how much work is required to repair it. If you provide me with a copy of the image, I can give you a quote before I begin any work to ensure there are no surprises.

I can also assist with professional re-printing of the image too. So get cracking! There is no better time than now to get irreplaceable family photos fixed and in safe keeping for future generations.

"I was so glad I came across Julia. My Pop had been given a photo of his grandmother when his sister passed. It was on cardboard and quite damaged. Pop didn’t have many photos of his family. 


The work Julia was able to do with the old photos was absolutely amazing. Our whole family is so grateful. I would highly recommend Julia for her quality of work and her passion."

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